Why you should exercise (as if you don't already know...)


You do know why exercise is important, don't you? I mean, it's drilled into us as kids...so you have at least a sub-conscious understanding about why you should be moving your body. 

Honestly, I'm writing this post more for me than for you today. I've been procrastinating on going to the gym the past week, and even though I was supposed to wake up at 4am this morning to go the gym....I just couldn't. I wouldn't have been able to drag my ass out bed if my house had been on fire.

So, I need a bit of a reality check to get me going again.

If you're an avid exerciser....then, send some of your gym vibes, would ya? I could use them.

And the nominees are.....

1. It makes you feel like a damn superhero.

Yeah. Those post workout endorphins make you feel like a million dollars. After a good workout, you end up with a big grin on your face and you feel like you could cure cancer if you could just find the time in your busy schedule. They say that exercise works better than anti-depressants for mild-medium depression and I believe it. Those endorphins, man. There's nothing better in the world than that post workout shower.

2. It gives you goals to strive for.

Life is dull if you're not working towards something. Life is goals and dreams, and the movement towards achieving them. The gym (or exercise in general) is the perfect place to set goals and then beat them. Whether this is running a marathon, going to a kick boxing class 3x a week, or squatting 200lbs, working towards these things makes it even more fun when you finally get there. And then, of course, you can set more goals to break down and beat. It's a delicious cycle of hard work and achievement and it's easy to get addicted to it.

3. You get to do something you love.

Guess what? The great thing about exercise is that it's not just like....one thing. I love sprinting...but I have a really shitty hip that constantly gets tendinitis (and I'm only 27....pft.) So, guess what? I don't run very often. Instead, I go to the gym and I cycle and I lift heavy things and I do yoga and hike and sometimes dance around my house in my underwear. That's the beauty about exercise - ITS LITERALLY JUST MOVING YOUR BODY IN A WAY THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. So, guess what? You love dancing? Dance! You love running for hours on end? Run! You love nature? Hike! Damn, how much easier does it get than that?

4. It helps with weight management.

There's this huge misconception that exercising makes you lose weight....and unfortunately, that's not how it works. Exercise does great things like tones you up....tightens you...improves your cardiovascular/skeletal health....improves your mood...lowers your insulin sensitivity, etc. It does not usually make you lose weight. Weight loss is 90% dictated by your diet. With that said, it makes it easier to stay slim because you can eat more and stay the same weight. You can burn off those extra calories with exercise, plus gaining muscle gives you more of a leeway. Also, exercise makes you look lighter/thinner....which is the whole point, right?

5. It helps your damn body (temple).

It's important to take care of ourselves. We've become so run down from life's million and one obligations, we've forgotten to give ourselves some self-love. Our bodies need to burn off energy - that's what they were designed for. You don't see wild animals sitting around for hours in front of the TV or computer. We didn't evolve to be sedentary animals. So many problems we have  - obesity, high blood pressure, stress, anxiety - are created because we've forgotten what we are. We're damn animals. Just like we wouldn't leave our dogs trapped inside for days and days without walks, we shouldn't trap ourselves inside. Our bodies need to move to function and it really just comes down to that.  

So, when all is said and done....MOVE YOUR BODY. Move in ways that make you happy. Move in ways that make you want to keep moving. Move as if your life depends on it....because it pretty much does.

And, I guess with that said....I should follow my own advice, shouldn't I? Time to go put on my runners and head to the gym.


As always, any comments or tips or....well, whatever....is more than welcome on this site. Give me the sugar! (Or.....fat?) Tell me why you exercise, or what you do for exercise, or send me some motivational shit. Whatever!

Oh yeah, and have a great day. That too.