What "healthy" means.

Healthy. It pretty much means the same thing as "synergy" at this point, doesn't it?

Raise your hand if you're confused about what you should or shouldn't be eating. Raise your hand if you're confused about what you need to do more of - cardio or weight lifting. Raise your hand if you have no goddamn idea about what vitamins and minerals your body needs and whether you should be spending a small fortune on supplements. Raise your hand if you want to lose weight without wanting to murder someone. Raise your hand if you've been struggling with having enough energy throughout the day. Raise your hand if you just want a drink right now.

I don't blame you.

It's kind of bullshit how confusing being healthy is. You would think that it would just be our natural state, right? Like, we should all be healthy until we're old and then we can just go to sleep surrounded by family and get cremated and then blow away in the wind (or something). That should be life. When did it get so complicated? Why are we all struggling with our weights and our blood sugar levels and our energy and moods? Why does everything seem so -hard- when it comes to health? There's always another study telling us to eat soy, not eat soy, eat chocolate, not eat chocolate, meat gives you cancer and same with GMO vegetables and fruits, don't eat dairy, eat an only cheese diet, no legumes but lots of nuts, fruits and evil, yadayadayada.

You get the point.

And let me tell you...I've done it all. I've done all of the diets. I was vegetarian for a year (and that's a story for another day!). I've done low-fat (dry chicken breast, yum!), high carb. I've done calorie restriction to the point where I was very, very sick. I've done gluten-free (a success!), paleo (kind of a success?), and I'm currently doing low-carb. So, trust me on this one, I've gone around the block when it comes to this fuckery.

Here's the thing. I grew up fat. I was a hearty girl when I was a kid, and a chubby teenager for most of my teenage years. In Grade 11-12, I decided to go on a diet, dropped 50lbs and have managed to beat all the statistics saying I would regain the weight. I've fluctuated between the same 15lbs throughout the past 10 years. Good for me - I guess I deserve a pat on the back or something.

But saying it was easy or natural, would be a complete and utter lie. Perhaps it was easier in that I enjoy a large variety of foods and really love to exercise (so no, it wasn't a chore for me to go for a run or to the gym!) but the amount of time I have mentally spent on dealing with dieting is outrageous. I've put my health at risk, trying to be "healthy." How crazy and counter-productive is that?! And I feel like we've all been there. We've all tried the cookie diet where you can eat 3 cookies a day and drink a gallon of Coke Zero and stay under 1000 calories. We've all been there, right? ......right? ...guys? .....guys?

So, I'm redefining health for myself right damn now. From here on forward, healthy means strength and resilience (I've been dealing with tendinitis and myriad of ailments I would be very happy to get rid of), with stable levels of energy throughout the day. Rather than have my health be dictated by a number on a scale, I need to start focusing on the other parts of myself that I've been ignoring. I want a strong(er) body that has enough nutrients to repair itself, fend off viruses, dance without pain, and just enjoy my damn life. More importantly, I want the mental health that comes from freeing myself of the excessive amounts of time thinking about the things I need to do to lose weight.

As I mentioned above, I have been following a ketogenic (Low Carb, basically!) diet for the past 4 weeks. This is an experiment, as I've never gone LC for longer than two weeks. So, expect quite a few LC posts coming your way while I figure out this way of life. I completely understand that this isn't for everyone (it may not even be for me in the long rung, honestly), but at the moment, it fits into my life and goals. I've found that eating this way has helped even out my energy levels throughout the day, freed up my mind so that I can start focusing on other things, and helped me deal with quitting all the processed crap. So....so far, so good.

Along with that, of course, I'll be posting about fitness related things, vitamin and mineral related things, sleep related things, hormones related things...etc, etc. You get the drift. Everything you need to be your best you, I'll write about. How about that?

Health should be simple. So, let's make it simple.