Whole 30 - Days 1- 3

Hello, Internet!

So, now that I'm back from my vacation and well-rested, I decided to take part in the Whole30 to kick-start a healthy lifestyle until....well, at least until December.

Now, wait, wait, wait. I know what you're thinking. "Cass, you just told us not to jump into crazy diets! You said you're focusing on moderation! What are you doing?!!11!!!"

Well, hear me out:

The Whole30 focuses on moderation. There is no calorie counting or restriction. You eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and meat and nuts and fats and potatoes. The things you can't eat include vegetable oils, legumes, dairy, sugar, alcohol and gluten. I was already considering cutting out dairy after my return to Vancouver, and so I'm sticking to my guns and following up with that. And honestly, the other ingredients, I don't really have much of a problem cutting out....except maybe alcohol. Heh.

The other thing about the Whole30 is that it focuses on health. The rules say that you shouldn't be weighing yourself, and you're supposed to focus on how you feel afterwards. Do you have better skin? Do you have more energy? Do you sleep better at night? When you finish the 30 days, you're slowly supposed to incorporate the foods that you've cut out, to see which ones negatively affect you and from there you can make an educated decision on whether or not you want to continue eating it afterwards.

So, don't worry. I haven't become the biggest hypocrite in the world just yet. ( I think that's reserved for Donald Trump currently anyways.)

So, I just thought that I would continue to update you guys with how it's going and anything/everything I've noticed about this ongoing self-experiment.

Day 1 (Monday):

"Wow, this is fairly easy!"

Day 1 was a breeze, and I didn't really feel different than before. In the morning, I had eggs, lunch I had a salad with chicken and avocado oil, and dinner was yam fries and a hamburger. Snacks were fruit. The only difference I noticed was that I really missed the Sriracha I would pour over everything. Obviously my body was just preparing itself for the next few days because....

Day 2 (Tuesday):

"Ungh, my head!"

Day 2 was a little bit trickier. I woke up with a headache, which almost never happens to me when I'm eating normally. I spent the day at work in a kind of daze - not the best position to be in when you're a teacher. I drank a ton of water, so I know that's not what it is. Apparently, this is fairly normal for the Whole30, but having a simpering headache all day is not my idea of fun. I also had a nap immediately after getting home (which I rarely do), and then I went to bed around 10pm. Food for the day was eggs in the morning, lunch was a salad, and dinner was a sweet potato hash (which you can find here). I also went to this very awesome juice restaurant called Rain City Juicery with my friend, and ordered a bunch of fresh juices and a nectarine.....surprisingly that didn't seem to help at all with my headache. I chalked it up to detoxing and moved on.

Day 3 (Today)


I woke up this morning with yet anooooother headache. OKAY WHOLE30 I GET IT I USED TO EAT DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE BUT DO I HAVE TO SUFFER LIKE THIS. STILL. But in all seriousness, today I was a big achy mess and I still have a headache. I don't think I've ever consistently had a headache like this before. I'm also still tired and my body feels like it's been hit like a truck. I'm going to try to stick it out because....well, what other choice do I have? I know this diet is healthy for me and already my digestion is improving. I can't give up, I'm only on day 3! Today I ate eggs with an avocado for breakfast, 1/3 of the potato hash with chicken and veggies for lunch, a banana with almond butter for a quick snack, and I'll be heading to Caveman Cafe to get some Paleo/Whole30 approved dinner with a friend. Praying to the Headache Gods this goes away.

With that said, I'll update you guys around the one week mark to tell you how I am. And if you never hear back from me, it's  because I decided to go kiss a moving train to try to stop the headaches. Just so you know.

Peace, Internet.