Whole 30 - Days 4......to 1. Again.

Bonjour, fellow health conscious folks!

(Or my friends who feel obligated to read about this because FRIENDSHIP.)

So, I'm back with an update on the Whole 30.

Let me first just say that I'm back on Day 1. That's how the rules go. If you fuck up, you're back at Day 1....kind of like if you're playing a board game and you land on the wrong square. So, yes. I fucked up. Kinda.

With that said, I've mostly been following the rules. The two times that I screwed up, the screw up wasn't very bad at all. Both times I screwed up, there were social events at play. That doesn't mean that I didn't fail, because I did. But I failed with both of my eyes wide-open and I knew that I'd be back at Day 1 in both instances. So, honestly, I don't feel too bad about it at all.

So, let's get right into to it, shall we?

Day 4 (Day 1, #1)

So, I followed the rules all day until.....supper. And that's where things kind of fell apart. To be fair, I was eating in a restaurant IN THE PITCH DARK, so I was kind of expecting to mess up because I couldn't see what I was eating. C and I ended up going to his belated birthday dinner at a restaurant here in Van called "The Dark Plate", where you have a blind waiter/waitress serve you in a completely black room. I told them that I was allergic to gluten and milk, and so I kept the damage at a minimum. Where I fucked up was actually on the dessert. I could have skipped dessert....but it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and honestly, I just wanted to see what they whipped up. It just turned out to be sorbet (which tastes a million times better in the dark.....just like with all food. Honestly, the food was phenomenal!) but I did end up eating that. And then, on the way home, we grabbed some chocolate almonds. I figured that if I'd already fucked up, I may as well REALLY fuck up. So, that was the damage. A scoop of sorbet and a handful of chocolate almonds.

Day 2

Friday was fairly easy to Whole30. We ended up going to my parents place, but they're so used to dealing with my BS health restrictions that it wasn't a problem. We had a delicious curry, and I skipped the rice. I mostly snacked on fruit and unsalted cashews, which you're not supposed to do....but I figured, it's either snack on that, or fail altogether.

Day 3 (Day 1, #2)

So, I stayed on track most of Saturday. As far as food went, I stayed 100% on track....however, it was C's friends birthday and drinking was involved. I figured that I may as well have a few drinks - mostly because I didn't know anywhere there and drunk Cass is fairly personable (opposed to tired, cranky, I-had-4-hours-of-sleep-last-night Cass). I wanted to stay away from sugary drinks though, so I created my own drink! I call it "Ginmint!" Now, what is Ginmint made of?, you ask. It's made of peppermint tea, soda water, and gin...which sounds terrible, but tastes awesome. The mint cuts the gin taste, plus it keep me fairly hydrated. I woke up with no hangover and feeling...strangely alive. Also, I didn't eat any of the snacks that were hanging around, so I consider this a victory....a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. I turned down chips and cookies and sushi and came out of it unscarred. Not bad, I say.

Day 2....again.

Fruit. Lots of fruit. I stayed on plan. I had a bunless hamburger with yam fries for dinner, and then dessert consisted of a banana sliced in half, almond butter between the two sides and then thrown in the oven on 375C for 20 minutes. It is a delicious, mushy delicacy. Try it. I dare you.

Day 3.

I stayed on plan again today. Eggs for breakfast, skipped lunch (whoops!) and then dinner was hamburger and yam fries. Hot sauce has become my best friend and I've been pouring it on everything. I find that the more I eat these staples (breakfast - eggs, dinner - hamburgers and yam fries), the easier my life is. Basically the only thing I need to worry about is lunch...and I usually prep that on Sunday. Because of the long weekend this week, I prepped my lunches today (Monday!). I ended up making a chicken salad with avocado, and I'll throw that on top of spinach and then I should be good to go for the week. Easy peasy.

Things I've noticed Already:

1. I've already noticed that my skin is calming the hell down. It was a little bit rough after my vacation where I subsisted on mostly ice cream and Thai food.

2. I'm feeling less bloated. I don't look like I'm 6 months pregnant.

3. My nails are growing really quickly and less bags under my eyes.

4. I haven't had ONE ALLERGIC reaction on my hands since I started this. This is really incredible because this was a daily occurrence for the last month.

5. I'm not overly hungry. I feel satiated when I eat. No sugar cravings.


Anyways, I've got a ways to go. That's okay with me. I was going to beat myself up about the sorbet and the alcohol, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I'm already eating a lot better than I was before. That's a huge accomplishment! Yeah, I screwed up....but that's life. I want this to be a sustainable lifestyle for me, and so I want to shy away from the diet mentality. It really helped me to get some perspective on it.

So, that's how the Whole30 has been going with me. I hope this can help people decide if they want to take the leap and try it for themselves. It already feels like things are looking up and I'm learning a lot about what I'm allergic/intolerant to (namely dairy....sigh). And yes, I'll update you guys soon on how the next few days are going. Hopefully I'll be a bit further ahead.

Peace out, homies.