Are you having a rough day? 

Are you feeling tired, stressed, angry, upset, jealous, anxious, or just.....blah?

I have days like that too. It depends where I am in my life how often these feelings come up (lately they seem to come up more than I wish they would), but if one thing is constant, it's that I'm a moody human being. I'm a roller coaster, a hurricane, a swift-running river. I'm filled with emotions that come and go, sometimes faster than I care to admit.

When I was in university, I would -rage- against my moods. And by that I mean, I would hate them....and myself....until they went away. The thing was, it took longer for them to go away because I would focus on them with laser-precision. "Why am I in such a bad mood? What the hell? There's no reason for me to be feeling this way! I'm pathetic! This is ridiculous. Come on, Cass. Grow up already!"

Guess what? That doesn't work. At all. And I still do this sometimes...just because it's a habit.

Recently, my boyfriend's mother told me about a really great way to get out of those moods, and it was a pretty simple exercise. She's a very spiritual woman, who tries holistic and spiritual methods to improve her life.

She told me to to simply express gratitude for all the small, good things in my life. When you get mired in a negative mood and it seems all consuming, start thinking about all the things going -right- in your life. I guess my boyfriend's mother passed her abilities down to her son, because my boyfriend is also very good at noticing things that are going right in his life instead of focusing on the negatives.

Sure, it takes some practice (and I'm no expert exactly...yet!), but it's a very quick way to start feeling a bit better about your life. I find that writing down the things is a bit better for me, but by all means, just think about all the goodness in your life. It can be as simple as "I'm happy I have a family," to something much more descriptive like, "I love the way the wind blows the grass on a summer's day." Whatever! Whatever makes you happy to be on this Earth....those are the things you should be thankful for. I also make sure to acknowledge why I'm thankful for it. What does this thing bring into my life? How does this person lift me up? Sure, it's easy to list off things you're thankful for, but stopping to think about -why- you're thankful is where the power in this technique lies.

So, all in all, if you're having a shitty day - stop for a moment, and think about all the things in your life that aren't shitty. List all the fantastic, magical things that help you get up in the morning. Remind yourself of the people that matter and the things that matter.

I promise it will help you get out of that hole a hundred times faster than any other "mind trick." It's hard to feel moody when you realise you've got a lot going for you.

Yeah, you heard me right. You've got a lot going for you.