Forward Momentum.

Yesterday, I went to a seance.

OK, it wasn't a seance. That's a bit of an exaggeration. It was a celebration for the Fall Equinox. C's mother hosts celebrations with some of her spiritual friends for all of the Equinoxes (and me, her presumably future daughter-in-law). We all bring some healthy vegetarian food, some trinkets to put on the self-made shrine, and our thoughts about a variety of topics. I'm usually the youngest one there by quite a few years, but I don't mind. I'm also the least "spiritual" one there, but that also doesn't really seem to matter. I'm more there for the atmosphere than anything else.

This Fall Equinox the topic was about celebration. It was about harvesting all of the things that we've been working so hard to cultivate over the summer.

And so, we sat around the candles in the dark, and we talked about the things that we are proud to have accomplished this past summer. And at first, I couldn't really come up with anything at all. Honestly, I've felt like I've been coasting for the past few weeks. I haven't been really moving in any direction, just stuck in one place.

But when it was my turn to speak, I started talking about: THIS! Yes, this website.

And even though this website isn't where I want it to be yet... (calling all graphic designers/computer designers! Plz halp me...for free?), it still exists. I never thought I could build anything computer related before. I've never had a website before, I've never done the social media stuff, I've never even written for other people before. This is all new to me, and it's all a big gamble.

But when I had to talk about something I'm proud of, this just kind of tumbled out of my mouth. Because when I had the opportunity to think about it, I realized that I'm fucking proud of this website and I've worked hard to create it. I've spent tons of hours writing....learning....figuring things out. And I like the result. I feel proud to know that I've done this, with no help from anybody else. It was just me and my brain.

Do I still have work to do on it? Absolutely. Hell, before I started writing this post, I was looking up how to incorporate emails so I can shoot off a weekly email to my readers. I need to start finding more contacts that can help me promote this blog to a larger audience. I want to start writing an E-book that people can download. I need to start writing on a daily basis, and putting my content out there. There IS SO MUCH WORK TO DO. HOLY SMOKES BATMAN. This website has a long way to go and it probably always will.

But, I started. After years of humming and hawing, I just sat down and.....started. And I try to update as frequently as possible, and to the best of my abilities. Honestly, that's all I can ask for. That's all anyone can really ask for. Trying to do something. Trying to move forwards. Trying trying trying. 

I've realized that just trying to do something with intention, gets you moving again. It gives you direction again. If you feel stagnant, just start doing that thing that makes you happy. Go towards what gives you flow. Go towards what makes you feel accomplished. And through that trying (and yes, even failing), you'll learn. You'll learn and you'll get better, and that movement will continue on like a big 'ol snowball. Things may even get easier,'ve done the work. And then, when that stagnant feeling hits, that's when you know you need to change it up to something else. Find something else to focus on and direct your intentions and your energy there.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is.... go to a seance to gain perspective.

No, no, no. OK. Sorry, that's not what I was trying to say.

What I'm trying to say is....start. Start right now. Start today. And then every day, do a little more. Just a tiny thing. Keep that momentum going. And hey, look. I don't know what you're dream is. Right now, my dream is to go to Holistic Nutrition School so that I can write more about diet and health . That's where I'm at. But maybe your dream is to own an elephant farm. And so research elephants. Open a savings account so you can afford elephants sometime in the future. Contact elephant farmers and ask them their opinions about elephant care.

So, stop reading this RIGHT NOW SIR/MISS...and start something. Start it and work for it. And eventually, hopefully, when you end up at a Fall Equinox you can look back and be proud of what you've done.

With that said, folks, if you want to promote something you've been working hard on....leave a comment below. Leave a link to your elephant farm website....or your etsy elephant knitting group...or whatever. I want to see what you're up to. :)

Peace out.