Life changing news.


I wish this could be an update about something absolutely amazing. I wish maybe this was a wedding announcement with a picture of a ring. Or maybe, a post talking about moving to a new city with C, getting a good job, and putting down money on a new place. Perhaps, it would be unveiling that I'm pregnant and expecting a tiny little human.

Well, it's none of those things.

After 10 years of having pain in my left hip, I finally had an X-ray done on it to find out what was causing the issues. They diagnosed me as having hip dysplasia, which is where the top part of the hip bone doesn't fully develop as a baby and so it doesn't cover the joint. First born girls (me), who are born at a heavy weight (me) are most likely to get it...usually in the left hip. This causes immense amounts of pain in the form of labral tears, back/spine issues, early arthritis, and a host of other shit that I'd like to forget about.

(Fun fact: This is the same hip issue German Shepherds get.)

So, what does all of this mean for me?

Cycling and swimming are the only exercises I should be performing until I have surgery.

If I don't have a surgery to correct this, I'll need a full hip replacement probably by the time I'm 50.

The surgery that corrects this is one of the most invasive surgeries you can go through on your hips. I would need 3 nails drilled into my bones to keep my hip in place.

I'll have to re-learn to walk.

I will have take off significant amounts of time to recover from this surgery.

I may not be able to move out of the province anytime soon. If I'm placed on a wait list to get the surgery done here in Vancouver, then I'm staying here.

So basically, all of my plans for the next few years are dashed and I have a very long road ahead of me. It's a hard pill to swallow and I've been turning it over again and again in my mind. It feels like its two steps forward and a million steps back. C and I have nearly paid off all of our debt - we were planning on getting our own place soon, getting married (right, C?!) and maybe a dog. Now....well, who knows? We may have to burn through all of our savings if I can't work for months on end.

But - and there is a but - if I get this surgery, I may be able to live a pain-free life again. I won't need a hip replacement. And then I can start everything over again - try to scrape together a life and hope that the next interruption isn't as catastrophic.

So, there you go. There's my life-changing news.

Goddamn do I wish this was an engagement post.