50 cheap and easy ways to show your partner you love them.

Sometimes, it's easy to forget to show your favorite human some affection. Life is hectic and hard and you get caught up in this and that and other things pile up and your priorities get skewed.

But, we all need love. We all need affection. And a funny thing happens when you give your partner those things - they start to reciprocate. Your relationship starts to improve, because you both start to do those things you used to do all the time during the honeymoon phase. And all that good stuff from the beginning of the relationship comes back.

But it's hard to come up with stuff, right? That's okay. I've got your back. Your wish is my command.

Here we go:

50 cheap and easy ways to show your partner you love them.

  1. Listen to them. Put your phone down, turn the computer off, stop for a minute. Sit down and ask them questions and listen to their replies. Have a real conversation.
  2. Send them a text telling them you love them/miss them. Be sappy.
  3. Buy their favorite food from the supermarket.
  4. Hold their hand in public.
  5. Go for a walk/bike ride/swim together. Just the two of you.
  6. Let them choose the song/movie. (Even if you hate it.)
  7. Send them a music video that reminds you of them.
  8. Tell them how beautiful/handsome they look today.
  9. Bring them a bunch of flowers...
  10. Have a picnic together.
  11. Do that chore that they hate.
  12. Give them a hug/kiss when they get home after a long day of work.
  13. Play with their hair when you're watching TV.
  14. Leave a cute love note somewhere they'll find it.
  15. Grab food for them when they're busy.
  16. Oral sex.
  17. Bring them a small, meaningful present.
  18. Let them talk about their hobbies - even if it doesn't interest you.
  19. Play video games/sports together.
  20. Call them by their nickname/pet name.
  21. Tell other people how awesome they are, in front of them.
  22. Clean the house for when they get home.
  23. Back/Foot/Neck/Scalp massages.
  24. Tell them they look damn good in whatever they're wearing.
  25. Do that sexual thing they really like.
  26. Flirt with them in public.
  27. Download their favorite show/movie and watch it with them.
  28. Thank them for what they do...or what they're trying to do.
  29. Change your FB picture to a picture of the two of you.
  30. Go watch the sunset/sunrise together.
  31. Acknowledge their hobbies and give them the freedom to pursue them.
  32. Cook them their favorite meal/dessert.
  33. Share your insecurities with them and trust them to help you deal with them.
  34. Give them time to relax after work.
  35. Spend time with their friends, as a couple.
  36. Grab their cute butt.
  37. Have a few framed pictures of the two of you around your place.
  38. Say "I love you," before you go to sleep.
  39. Say "I love you," before you leave the house.
  40. Say "I love you," often.
  41. Be kind and helpful to their family.
  42. Ask for their opinion about your various life decisions.
  43. Buy lingerie or buy her lingerie.
  44. Cuddle.
  45. Trust them.
  46. Buy them their favorite beer/wine. Bonus points for pouring them the glass, too.
  47. Change their name in your phone to their pet name/nickname
  48. Compromise.
  49. Respect their opinion and treat them with respect.
  50. Do something to make their life a little bit easier.

So there you go, Internet. 50 things to do with your SO that are fairly cheap. If you're not even sure where to start with this list, go ahead and print it off and give it to your SO. Ask them what would make them the most happy, and then go do that thing for them. And tell them what would put a smile on your face so that they've got some idea on where you stand, too.

And most importantly, have fun with it! It's not a list to just run through and cross off as many as you can. It's meant as a very fun guide to put you in the right direction - a way to show that human being you care about them in all the small ways that matter.

So get to it! Go put an adorable smile on that damn dudes/dudettes face. :)

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